Rotary Rack Oven

Rotary Rack Oven

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TAJSHREE rack ovens are high technology and elegantly constructed quality products. As a result of experience and designed by incorporating bakers requirement the ovens highly reliable, uniformity of baking to meet and exceed the needs of todays bakers our ovens are manufactured the highest standards and built from superior quality material. Tajshree rack ovens have the following features.

  • Faster heat up and heat recovery retention for retention for continuous production.
  • Precision and efficient steam generator and excellent steam ventilating system for effective drying.
  • Larger range of baking capacity.
  • All types of bakery products and confectionery can be baked with baking temperature up to 3000c (572F).
  • Environmentally compatible, consumes low energy, highly efficient insulation and resistant toughened glass and highly fuel efficient.
  • Tajshree rack ovens are efficient, durable and easy maintain.
  • Tajshree rack ovens are the ovens of the future for the todays bakeries.